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Mosiah 22 ( ** )

Mosiah 22

544. (H-M) How did Ammon and king Limhi formulate a plan of deliverance from their Lamanite bondage?

         A. They
conferred only with each other

         B. They
convened a council of the church leaders

         C. They convened
a war council of the captains of their army

         D. They
consulted with their people and sought the voice of the people

D   (Mosiah 22:1)]

545. (H-M) The only means of deliverance from bondage that
Ammon, king Limhi, and the people could conceive of was:

         A. To engage
their Lamanite captors in open warfare

         B. To depart
into the wilderness with their families, flocks, herds, and tents

         C. To
negotiate with the Lamanite king and plead for their freedom

         D. To capture
some of the Lamanite daughters and hold them hostage

B   (Mosiah 22:2)]

546. (H-E) Ammon and king Limhi felt it was impossible to
contend with the Lamanites for the following reason:

         A. The Lamanites
had superior weapons of war

         B. The
Lamanites were more fully trained in warfare

         C. The Lamanites were too numerous

         D. The Lamanites were ferocious and blood-thirsty


C   (Mosiah 22:2)]

547. (H-M) Who stepped forward and offered an excellent plan
of escape to king Limhi?

         A. Gideon

         B. Ammon

         C. Aaron

         D. Giddianhi

         E. Gidgiddoni

A   (Mosiah 22:3)]

548. (H-C) As Gideon presented his plan of escape to king
Limhi, he said all of the following things EXCEPT:

         A. Thou hast
hitherto hearkened unto my words many times when we have been contending with
our brethren, the Lamanites

         B. If thou
hast not found me to be an unprofitable servant

         C. We must be
patient in our afflictions and wait upon the hand of the Lord for deliverance
from bondage

         D. If thou
hast hitherto listened to my words in any degree and they have been of service
to thee

         E. I desire
that thou wouldst listen to my words at this time

         F. I will be
thy servant and deliver this people out of bondage

C   (Mosiah 22:3-4)]

549. (H-M) Gideon presented which of the following plans to
king Limhi?

         A. To
overpower the small group of Lamanite guards that guarded the back pass of the
city and then flee into the wilderness

         B. To lure
the Lamanite guards away from the back pass by creating a diversion at the
front pass of the city

         C. To attempt
to preach the gospel to the Lamanite guards, softening their hearts toward the

         D. To pay an
extra tribute of wine to the guards which guarded the back pass, causing them
to become drunk

                                                                                                                                                                        [Answer: D   (Mosiah 22:6-7)]

550. (H-C) Which pass out of the
city did Gideon propose that the Nephites use for their escape?

         A. The front

         B. The secret

         C. The back

         D. The side pass

         E. The forward

B   (Mosiah 22:7)]

551. (H-M) Gideon suggested that the Nephites depart into
the wilderness after the Lamanite guards were drunken and asleep, and that they
then travel around the

        land of _________.

         A. Zarahemla

         B. Nephi

         C. Shilom

         D. Sidon

         E. Shemlon

C   (Mosiah 22:8)]

552. (H-C) All of the following events transpired as Limhi’s
people escaped EXCEPT:

         A. King Limhi
hearkened unto the words of Gideon

         B. The Lamanite guards drank freely of the wine presented to

         C. The Nephites fled into the wilderness, went round about the land of Shilom,
and bent their course toward the land of Zarahemla

         D. The Nephites left their gold, silver, and precious things
behind so that they could lighten their loads and flee in greater haste

         E. After many
days in the wilderness, Limhi’s people arrived in Zarahemla    

D   (Mosiah 22:9-13)]

553. (H-M) Once Limhi’s people arrived in Zarahemla, all of
the following things happened to them EXCEPT:

         A. They
joined Mosiah’s people

         B. They
became Mosiah’s subjects

         C. Mosiah
received them, but viewed them as an additional burden for him in his kingdom

         D. Mosiah
received their own records and also the records they had discovered

C   (Mosiah -14)]

554. (H-M) When the Lamanites discovered that the people of
Limhi had fled, they did all of the following EXCEPT:

         A. Sent an
army in pursuit

         B. Sought
vengeance by attacking other Nephites that were living in the area

         C. Pursued
the Nephites for two days before losing their tracks

         D. Became
lost in the wilderness after vainly pursuing the people of Limhi

B   (Mosiah -16)]

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