Current ordained apostles, listed by seniority in the Quorum of the Twelve


      Apostle           Date ordained Apostle    Replaced whom in the Apostleship


                       Thomas S Monson           10 Oct 1963               Henry D Moyle       

                       Boyd K Packer             09 Apr 1970               David O McKay       

                       L Tom Perry               06 Apr 1974               Harold B Lee        

                       Russell M Nelson          12 Apr 1984               LeGrand Richards   

                       Dallin H Oaks             03 May 1984               Mark E Peterson    

                       M Russell Ballard         10 Oct 1985               Bruce R McConkie   

                       Richard G Scott           06 Oct 1988               Marion G Romney    

                       Robert D Hales            07 Apr 1994               Marvin J Ashton    

                       Jeffrey R Holland         23 Jun 1994               Ezra Taft Benson   

                       Henry B Eyring            06 Apr 1995               Howard W Hunter

                       Dieter F Uchtdorf         02 Oct 2004               Neal A Maxwell

                       David A Bednar            02 Oct 2004               David B Haight

                       Quentin L Cook            06 Oct 2007               James E Faust

                       D Todd Christofferson     05 Apr 2008               Gordon B Hinckley

                       Neil L Andersen           04 Apr 2009               Joseph B Wirthlin



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